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Remo Supercharged Kit

Remo Supercharged Kit

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Every Supercharged Kit by Remo Nutrients includes 3-base nutrients (Grow, Micro and Bloom). It also includes a powerful bloom stimulator (Astroflower), an additive formuled with seaweed extract (Velokelp), sugars that improve the taste and smell of the final product (Nature's Candy) and a Nitrogen, Calcium and Magnesium defficiency solver (MagNifiCal).

With these products, following the Remo Nutrients' nutrient schedule, growers can get one of the most satisfying results possible, thanks to the quality of the product and the ease of application.

Besides a small discount in price due to the purchase of the whole range of products by Remo Nutrients, every Supercharged kit includes a measuring cup, and also an HPS glasses to protect your eyes from high Pressure Sodium lamps.

Supercharged Kit Remo Nutrients

Type: Complete pack of fertilizers and boosters.

Use: Depending on the stage plants are (vegetative or flowering( we should add one, or some, products included, to source all needed minerals to plants.

Size: 9x 500ml.

Includes: 1x Grow, 2x Bloom, 2x Micro, 1x Astroflower, 1x Nature's Candy, 1x Velokelp, 1x MagNifiCal, measuring cup and HPS protection glasses.

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