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De Grénge Léiw

Gronest transplanter fabric pot

Gronest transplanter fabric pot

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When it comes to plant containers there is no better choice.

With Gronest we have achieved the optimum in strength and durability, as well as perfect oxygen flow and moisture retention in a single product. The Gronest plant containers stay cooler than conventional plant containers. This is due to the very good ventilation and the porous surface structure. The development of the Gronest plant container represents a technical advance in the field of plant containers by using the in-house development Aqua Breathe. 

The Aqua Breathe liner is less permeable, the water only escapes through the bottom of the pot. The Aqua Breathe layer is breathable, so the roots are constantly supplied with oxygen. The Aqua Breathe layer also serves as a filter. The Gronest containers do not discolour. The color is stable. The Aqua Breathe layer is very resilient. It gives the plant container additional resistance. The Aqua Breathe layer makes the fabric and handles stronger and more durable. 

The seams of the Gronest planters are double-stitched for greater durability and stability. Non-sewn fabric is more suitable than conventionally manufactured fabric for the functionality required here. The Gronest plant containers are washable and biodegradable, the prices for the Gronest products are low, whereby the low price is never at the expense of quality.

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