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SSBOX Pollinator Secret Box 150P – Dry Extraction

SSBOX Pollinator Secret Box 150P – Dry Extraction

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The Pollinator Secret Box 150P allows for the dry extraction of pollen from flowers. It includes a drum in which the flowers are placed. The drum itself is placed inside a plastic box. Once the device is started, the drum rotates inside the box, centrifuging the flowers. The pollen then passes through the screen included in the drum and is collected on a removable tray designed for this purpose.

The drum can hold up to 150g of flowers. Moreover, it is possible to adjust the drum's rotation speed using a potentiometer. This way, you can choose the exact speed that suits your flowers.

Technical specifications:

Dimensions of the plastic box: 40 x 30 x 28 cm

Drum capacity: 150g of flowers

Mesh fineness: 150 microns

The Pollinator is equipped with a 12V transformer.

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