Collection: Sanlight FLEX Serie II

The SANlight FLEX II series is a compact and powerful LED lighting solution with a wide range of applications: from multilayer applications, as interlight, for rooting plants to as a lighting solution for indoor plants.

  • The revised light spectrum of the SANlight FLEX II series is exceptionally broadband and has a balanced FarRed/Red ratio. This not only accelerates rooting in cuttings, it also strongly promotes growth in the first phase of plant life. In addition, it can also be used very well for lighting a wide variety of indoor plants.
  • Due to the generously designed passive cooling, the luminaire remains cool even during operation. In combination with the high IP68 protection rating, this allows the SANlight FLEX II to be used between plants where no light would otherwise reach. This greatly improves the quantity and quality of your harvest.


Used in multilayer systems, the wide and homogeneous radiation characteristic ensures perfect light distribution, even with small distances between light source and plant tip. In addition, the small overall height reduces the space required for the individual tiers. To keep installation simple even in larger systems, several luminaires can be supplied via a common LED driver. The luminaires can be connected directly to each other with the available connecting cable without tools. The mounting bracket can also be moved for convenient installation.


This makes the SANlight FLEX II an extremely flexible system for any application such as seedling cultivation, interlighting applications and indoor plants.

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