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Sanlight EVO 4-120 1.5

Sanlight EVO 4-120 1.5

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Power cord or accessories are not included. Available separately.


The EVO 4-120 1.5 is our warmest recommendation for all surfaces, with a maximum depth of 120cm. The achieved lighting intensity is in the maximum of what we can still recommend without separate CO₂ feed. With 265 W and 725µmol/s per single light, impressive illumination intensities can be achieved with two lights on an area of 1.2×1.2 m. Due to the secondary optics, the possibility to adjust the angle of inclination and the correct positioning, you can achieve high illumination values even in the furthest corners without losing homogeneity. Unlike other lights, you don’t have a central hotspot and distribute the light more evenly over your plants. The possibility of optional dimming allows you to respond individually to the needs of your plants.


  • Recommended lighting solution for areas with 120 cm depth or 120 tents
  • Designed for use without additional CO₂
  • 265W and 725µmol/s
  • Impressive illumination intensity when using 2 luminaires on 120x120cm
  • Tilting of 11° allows optimal steering of the beam pattern
  • Highest possible homogeneity at short distance and illumination intensity
  • No central hotspot, the light is distributed evenly over the area
  • Optional dimming allows the intensity to be adjusted to the growth stage
  • Due to a wide variety of installation options, the various cables and other accessories are available separately and are not included

Technical overview

EVO 4-120 1.5
Power consumption 265
PPF* 725
Weight 5.1
Length (mm) 1018
Width (mm) 291
Height (mm) 116
Protection class IP65

*in the emission wavelength range from 400 - 780 nm

EVO 4-120 technical drawing


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