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De Grénge Léiw

Remo Nature's Candy

Remo Nature's Candy

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Nature's Candy Remo Nutrients is a suplement of carbohybrates and amino-acids, specially beneficial to keep root's beneficial fungal and bacteria.

Nature's Candy, when used during flowering stage, improves the final performance of every crop, and also the quality of it.

Nature's Candy, beside improving the nutrient uptake (thanks to its amino-acids), it also works as food for beneficial fungi and bacteria (thanks to the sugars and carbohydrates contained), what actually helps preserving the life, and saves money to grower, who will be able to keep a microbial life active without needing to add anything else to the nutrient solution.

Remo Nature's Candy can be used in all growing mediums: Soil, Coco and Hydroponics.

*Nature's Candy is a suplement for the 3-part fertilizers: Grow, Micro and Bloom.

Remo Nutrients Nature's Candy characteristics

Type: Booster formuled with carbohydrates and amino-acids. Improves the beneficial fungal and bacteria life.

Format: Liquid.

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