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De Grénge Léiw

Remo MagnifiCal

Remo MagnifiCal

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Calcium and Magnesium are macroelements, essential for plant's developement, present in most of fertilizers available for cannabis growing. It could happen (specially due to the use of RO Filters), that levels of Calcium and Magnesium in nutrient solution are not enough to source the needings of plants. In those cases we should add a suplementary Calcium and Magnesium, like Magnifical Remo Nutrients, to cover possible defficiencies that may appear.

The use of MagnifiCal not only solve the defficiencies in plants, it also helps improving other nutrients uptake, increasing aspects like photosynthesys, and helping to cell structure.

Remo Nutrients Magnifical is super chelated, what derives in plants able to uptake quicker. Manifical formula has been specifically developed to increase the speed of uptake ratio, that can start acting after only in few hours.

MagnifiCal Remo Nutrients characteristics

Type: Calcium and Magnesium supplement.

Works for: Solving and preventing against defficiencies.

Format: Liquid.

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