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De Grénge Léiw

RAW Six Shooter Variable Cone Filler

RAW Six Shooter Variable Cone Filler

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Inspired by an old Spanish millstone, the Six Shooter variable quantity filler is designed to fit your customer’s fun lifestyle. The device helps users fill up cones really quickly, whether it’s one, two, … or 6 cones. Fills 1,2,3, or 6 cones at the same time.
On the surface of each Cone Filler are step-by-step instructions with images included – placed by RAW to help your customers make the most of the product. One should ensure to read these instructions.

The RAW Six shooter is convenient and super easy to use. Get this product today, and purchase our wholesale RAW Six Shooter Variable Cone Fillers at incredible prices only at Simply Green.

Why Is This The Best Cone Filler On The Market?

A 100% authentic RAW product. This is the ideal product for customers who are sick of hand rolling or simply do not know how or do not have the time to learn. The Six Shooter is compatible with King Sized Cones such as RAW’s Classic King Size or Organic King Sized cones. In less than a minute, users can roll one, two, or six king-size RAW cones!

Shop with us today… give your customers the best cone fillers on the market.

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Dimensions 9 × 9 × 18 cm




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