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De Grénge Léiw

FOG BOOST UVA+UVB+iR 60CM + Fixation

FOG BOOST UVA+UVB+iR 60CM + Fixation

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The BOOST UVA-UVB-IR LED bar is the latest high-tech piece of jewelry developed by our research and development center in Switzerland.

- LED UVA-UVB: To boost your yield, rates of active ingredients and terpenes.
- LED INFRA-RED:To modify the morphology of your plants, increase the spacing of the internodes and yield, as well as activate the effect of EMERSON.

Natural defense mechanism of a plant:To protect themselves against the effects of ultraviolet rays, cannabis plants will develop a natural defense mechanism.

The formation of trichomes by alkaloids and flavonoids acts as protective photo molecules that will protect your plants.

A denser layer of resin, with more THC will form to protect them from ultraviolet rays.

Lydon et al., 1987 - UVB radiation effects on photosynthesis growth and cannabinoid production of two cannabis sativa chemotypes Plants grown indoors without UV exposure may lack these benefits. That's why it's important to choose indoor culture lighting that includes UV at the right dose.

Despite our choice to use the latest SEOUL VIOSYS UV LED chip technologies, the lifespan of a UV LED chip remains lower compared to red and white LED chips.

We have therefore chosen to add UV separately on our lights so as not to reduce the life of it. Thus you will have the advantage of being able to replace future elements at a lower cost and accept future technologies without limits.

This spectrum directly influences the quality and quantity of resin during flowering.
SEOUL VIOSYS LED UVB 310 nm latest technologies
SEOUL VIOSYS LED UVA385 nm latest technologies

When the right amount of UV is present, it:
•Increases oils, resin, and the level of THC and CBD.
•Accelerates the seed germination process.
•Increases root mass. Promotes flowering.
•Causes more branching and less stretching.
•Improves the taste and smell.
•Creates more robust plants.
•Increases resistance to insects, bacteria and fungi.
•Strengthens plants and better prepares them for high-intensity light.
•Reduces shock time and accelerates the production and performance process

When the amount of UV is present at high doses, it:

Can decrease yield, slow photosynthesis and cause damage to plants.

This spectrum directly influences the morphology of the plant and its flowering.


When the right amount of RED INFRA is present, it:
•Triggers flowering faster on long-day plants.
•Lengthen the plants.
•Increases terpenes.
•Brings heat to plants.
•Activates the Emerson effect and increases performance.

When the amount of RED INFRA is too large it:
•Causes a harmful elongation for yield.
•Risk of burning plants.
•Brings too much heat to the culture.

Use 1 luminaire BOOST UVA UVB IR of 15w 60cm for a culture area of 0.8m x 0.8m
Dimension: 60cm x 7cm x 7 cm
Weight: 1.5 kg
Transformation:Entered in the led bar and not variable
Average lifespan: 6'000h with 10'000h
Guarantee: 1 Years

Grab: Switzerland 230v AC

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