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BioTabs Startrex

BioTabs Startrex

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For soil and coco, Startrex is a soil conditioner and organic fertilizer with a high content of probiotic bacteria.
Certified 100% organic fertilizer NPK 3:1:2.

  •     100% organic soil conditioner
  •     Brings the soil back to life
  •     High content of probiotic bacteria
  •     Contains silicon (Si) and fulvic acid.

For pot and soil plants. For indoor and outdoor growing.

Can be used with all types of flowers, vegetables, herbs and for planting trees and shrubs.

Startrex contains a large number of soil bacteria that immediately contribute to soil improvement and ensure better absorption of organic fertilizers. Most potting soils are sterilized to kill weed seeds and germs. This also kills all beneficial soil bacteria and fungi. Unfortunately, this entails that new soil organisms take a long time to re-establish themselves in the soil and bring it back to life. By mixing your potting soil with Startrex, you can ensure that the soil comes to life immediately, allowing your plants to take root faster.

The 3 main ingredients in Startrex are fulvic acid, hummus and silicon. Fulvic acid is nature's main transporter. It reaches the cell structure of the plant, delivering nutrients directly into the cells.

Mix 2 tablespoons (25 gr) with each 5 liters of potting soil or coco.

Startrex is part of the BioTabs 'Organic Growing Method'. For detailed instructions and how to get the most out of BioTabs products, we recommend you read the BioTabs 'Organic Growing' manual.

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