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Sanlight Flex II 10

Sanlight Flex II 10

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Typical Applications The SANlight FLEX II series is a compact and powerful LED lighting solution with a wide range of uses: from multilayer applications, use as interlight, for rooting plants, to a lighting solution for indoor plants.

The revised light spectrum of the SANlight FLEX II series is extremely broad and features a balanced FarRed/Red ratio. This not only accelerates rooting in cuttings but also strongly promotes growth in the initial phase of plant life. Additionally, it is also very well-suited for illuminating various indoor plants.

Illumination of multilayer systems Interlight solution for tall-growing plants In-vitro cultures For rooting cuttings (e.g., also in tiers) Replacement for neon tubes Additional lighting for quality improvement Young plant cultivation Supplementary lighting for indoor plants"

 Technical data:


Power Consumption 10
PPF* 27
Weight 0,28
Length (mm) 547
Width (mm) 33
Height (mm) 16
Emission Wavelength Range 400-780
Protection Class IP68

*in the emission wavelength range of 400 – 780 nm"

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