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De Grénge Léiw

Remo VeloKelp

Remo VeloKelp

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VeloKelp is a booster for all stages of plant's cycle, getting the best results along vegetative stage. VeloKelp Remo Nutrients promotes root development, assisting plants to reduce the stress after transplant. Besides this, it also helps creating new shots, and plant devlopment.

The use of Remo VeloKelp along flowering stage increases plant's capacity to uptake nutrients, what derives in higher yields, and quality of the final flowers.

VeloKelp can be used as an additive, or foliar spray (specially in cuttings propagation, due to its non or low amount of roots).

VeloKelp Remo Nutrients characteristics

Type: Growing and flowering booster.

Format: Liquid.

Functionality: Improves overall root system health, increases growth and nutrient uptake.

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