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Remo Micro

Remo Micro

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Micro is a 3-part fertilizer for plants growth in vegetative stage and flowering satge with highest guarantees.

Grow, Micro and Bloom are a patented mix that guarantees all macro and micro nutrients needed for a maximum growth and bloom of plants, besides overstanding yields.

Thanks to high quality chelatants and minerals used Remo can guarantee the consistence and pH balance of the Nutrient Solution.

How to use Remo Nutrients Micro

Remo Micro is a 3-part fertilizer for plants, that should be used combined with Grow or Bloom part (depending on the stage the plants are. The amount of product added should be checked within a ppm meter, so plants just get what they need.

Micro is specifically developed to source all micro-nutrients needed for vegetative stage and flowering stage.

Micro Remo Nutrients characteristics

Type: growing and flowering nutrient.

Format: Liquid.

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