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De Grénge Léiw

Remo AstroFlower

Remo AstroFlower

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Astroflower is a bloom, resin and flavour enhacer, made with first quality sources. Thanks to the precise blend of fossilized organics, Remo Nutrients got a formula that targets some areas of your plants, that take control of the bud developement, and assisting with the production of essential oils and aromas, increasing at the same time the size of the flowers.

Remo Nutrients AstroFlower is a nutritional complement for the 3-part base nutrients Grow, Micro and Bloom, and should be used combined with them, along flowering stage of plants.

With a NPK formula of 0-6-14, Remo Nutrients adds to the blend a high concentration of Phosphorus and Potassium to bring plants the maximum potential, multiplying the yields of the crop, being also highly concentrated (maximum dose of product to use 2,7 ml/L)

Astroflower Remo Nutrients characteristics

Type: Bloom stimulator.

Format: Líquido.

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