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De Grénge Léiw

Homebox Ambient Q60+

Homebox Ambient Q60+

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The grow box Ambient Q60+ is ideal for those hobby gardeners who like their own herbs or other compact growing plants, according to the want to grow individual claim.

The remarkable thing about this one Model is that it only takes up as much space as a small bookshelf and still accommodate up to five mature plants!

The HOMEbox® Ambient Q60+ may have a modest footprint, but it can but be equipped with all available accessories.

"Through the smart PAR+ inner coating, every single photon is perfectly exploited to maximize its potential. The adjustable OmniFlow airvents with MicroMesh insect protection (700 microns mesh size) allow for easy air exchange and promote a healthy growing environment."

Assembled size: 60 x 60 x 160 cm
Grow space: 0.36 m2

  • Robust and dirt-repellent materials
  • Developed for a long service life
  • Optimally reflecting PAR+ inner coating
  • Generous side accesses with zips on the right and left
  • As a result, individual intervention and uncomplicated care are possible
  • Super stable frame rods (Ø 16 mm)
  • Reinforced, precision-made connectors made of plastic
  • Total-Blackout Zippers – lightproof zippers
  • No stressed plants from annoying scattered light
  • Maximum load: up to 50 kg


Assembled size: 60 × 60 × 160 cm
Assembled size: 24" x 24" x 63"
Grow space: 0.36 m2
Tube A: + 100 mm (4")
Tube B: + 125 mm (5")
Tube C: + 160 mm (6.3")
Tube D:
OmniFlow-Airvent: Ø 125 mm (5"), 2 times
Maximum capacity: 50 kg
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