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De Grénge Léiw

Homebox Ambient Q100+

Homebox Ambient Q100+

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The HOMEbox Ambient Q100+ growbox is based on a square meter of growing space. Its generous 2,20 m height makes it a particularly popular choice with hydroponic growers where plants tend to be raised slightly higher off the ground in growing systems.


The model HOMEbox® Ambient Q100+ has the same one square meter cultivation area as the Ambient Q100, but with a height of 2.20 meters, it provides even more space for an optimal growing environment.

For optimal lighting, up to 400 watts of plant lights are ideal, as they provide perfect coverage for your plants and make optimal use of the square meter floor space.

Staying true to the standard of an original HOMEbox®, this tent also features all the useful features, such as robust zippers, fine-mesh insect protection, OmniFlow-Airvents, and the optimally reflective PAR+ interior coating.



  • 100 mm: 1 x back, 1 x left side
  • 160 mm: 2 x left, 1 x right side
  • 200 mm: 1 x roof
  • OmniFlow-Airvent: 2 x Ø 200 mm (right and left) (MicroMesh insect screen with 700 micrometer mesh size)

Robust and dirt-repellent materials Designed for long-term use Optimally reflective PAR+ interior coating Generous side access with zippers on the right and left Allows for individual access and easy maintenance Super stable frame structure (Ø 22 mm) Reinforced, precisely crafted plastic connectors Total-Blackout Zippers - lightproof zippers No stressed plants due to annoying stray light Maximum load: up to 75 kg


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