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Growers Choice

Growers Choice White Truffle Limited Edition FEM

Growers Choice White Truffle Limited Edition FEM

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Immerse yourself in the cannabis sensation that has taken the USA and Canada by storm in 2023 – White Truffle, now making waves on the European continent thanks to GrowersChoice.
This outstanding strain is the result of a masterful cross between Peanut Butter Breath and Gorilla Glue, proving to be a triumph in quality, flavour, and yield.
White Truffle, a prolific yielder, stands as a reliable companion for cultivators of all skill levels.
Its high-quality output is guaranteed, ensuring a satisfying harvest even for those with minimal experience.
The strain's reputation for excellence precedes it, making it a go-to choice for enthusiasts who demand nothing but the best.

Savour the rich and intricate flavours of White Truffle as you partake in its delights.
The smoking experience is characterized by a mouthful of flavours, a potent head rush, and a knockout punch that leaves you in a state of contentment and happiness throughout the day.

Amount of seeds 5
Flowering time indoor 8 weeks
Yield indoor 650-750 grams /m2
Mold resistance High
THC 30%+
Flavour peanuts, chocolate, gassy
Climate Can take warm and cold climates
Height indoor 100 - 130 cm
Height outdoor 170 - 220 cm
Harvest month outdoor october
Genetics 70% indica - 30% sativa

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