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Growers Choice Platinum Mimosa Cookies Double XL Auto FEM

Growers Choice Platinum Mimosa Cookies Double XL Auto FEM

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In an exceptionally limited release, we proudly introduce Platinum Mimosa Cookies, a tantalizing hybrid born from the union of Platinum Cookies and Mimosa.
These extraordinary autoflowers, aptly named Double XL, are not just plants; they are a testament to the artistry of cannabis cultivation, reaching majestic heights between 100 to 130 cm.

Picture the grandeur of your grow space adorned with these giants, promising not only visual spectacle but also unparalleled yields.


More Information
Amount of seeds 5
THC 27-30%
Flowering time indoor 11 weeks
Genetics 40% indica - 60% sativa
Height outdoor between 100 and 130 cm
Yield outdoor 100-200 grams per plant
Yield indoor 750+ grams/ m2
Parents platinum cookies x mimosa
Mold resistance High
CBD Medium
Flavour Flavours are sweet, fruity and creamy with a citrus and lemon undertone.
Climate Can take warm and cold climates
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