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CO2 Bag carbon dioxide bag XL

CO2 Bag carbon dioxide bag XL

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    - Usage: 2-4 months per bag
    - Covers up to 6 m²
    - 8 pieces per outer carton
    - Weight: 150g

CO2 Bag - Carbon Dioxide Bag

Why CO2 Bag?
CO2 Bag is a small and affordable bag that produces carbon dioxide for your plants.

CO2 Bag is safe to use, easy to integrate, and maintenance-free. It is by far the smallest and most effective product on the market.

What is carbon dioxide?
Carbon dioxide is for plants what oxygen is for humans. It is one of the main factors for the growth of green plants. All plants need carbon dioxide to grow. If the plant does not get enough carbon dioxide from the air, it grows slower. CO2 Bag is an effective, simple, and inexpensive way to produce more carbon dioxide in your greenhouse.

When and where should the CO2 Bag be used?
The manufacturer recommends: Start using the CO2 Bag 2-3 weeks after sowing. Poke six holes in the top of the bag and hang it above your plants. In large greenhouses, it is best to hang the bag above the aisles. The CO2 Bag produces carbon dioxide only at temperatures above 18°C. For storage, keep the sealed bag at a temperature below 18°C in a cool and dry place.

How long can the CO2 Bag be used?
When the contents of the CO2 Bag come into contact with oxygen, it begins to produce carbon dioxide. Note that it may take a few days for the production of carbon dioxide to start. Depending on the ventilation of the greenhouse, a CO2 Bag produces carbon dioxide for a greenhouse up to 6 m², for 2-4 months.

How can you maximize the benefits?
With the additional carbon dioxide in the air, plants can withstand temperatures up to 3-5°C higher. However, this means that the plants also need more water and nutrients. Therefore, do not forget to provide enough water, nutrients, and light to maximize the benefits of the CO2 Bag.

What does the bag contain?
The bag contains an invention based on hydrogen carbonate (NH4, HCO3).

Is it worthwhile to install the bag near a fan?
Yes. The fan should be placed so that the carbon dioxide is evenly distributed throughout the room.

Can the product also be used in large greenhouses?
Yes. The number of bags is simply increased according to the size of the room. For example, the manufacturer recommends hanging five bags at regular intervals in a 50 m² room.

At what temperature does the bag work?
The recommended operating temperature is 25°C.

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