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Canna Terra Starter Kit Mineral

Canna Terra Starter Kit Mineral

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Fertilizer and additives in very high-quality available as a starter set for fast, healthy and strong growth of your plants. The CANNA starter set is easy to use and ideal for the unexperienced grower. The starter set contains all fertilizer and additives for a cultivation on 1 m² for to enhance growth and blossom.

Cultivation on soil substrate
Soil contain essential nutrients and works as a buffer. Thanks to this buffer capacity, this growing medium is almost ideal for beginners. CANNA TERRA is a complete product line, which is specialized in achieving optimal results with the cultivation on soil ? no matter if in pots or beds (indoors as well as outdoors).

The products of the CANNA TERRA series contain a balanced combination of ingredients for the growth of the plants (Vega) and for the blooming phase (Flores). That way your plant is supplied with the right amount of essential nutrients at any time. CANNA TERRA has been developed for optimal results in combination with our plant soil products (CANNA TERRA Professional and Professional plus), but is also combinable with the products of other manufacturers.

Set content:
1x Terra Vega 0,25 liter
1x Terra Flores 1 liter
1x Rhizotonic 250ml
1x Cannazym 125ml
1x Cannaboost 125ml
1x Canna PK 13/14 50ml

The starter set comes with a product instruction, illustrated brochures about deficiency syndromes & vermin and the according cultivation schema (chart for fertilizer dosing)
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