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Biobizz Leaf Coat

Biobizz Leaf Coat

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What is LeafCoat?
Leaf Coat is a ready to use product, which strengthen the plant and protect it from insects and mildew. LeafCoat is made of natural rubber (caoutchouc) that was developed for the reduction of evaporation.

A few hours after the first application, a very thin and elastic coat forms around the leaves. This natural rubber develops a protective, permeable, and degradable layer on the leaf, while it lets air and light get through at the same time. However, the thin coat is effective in protecting the plants from pests and diseases.

How can LeafCoat be applied?
LeafCoat does not have to be mixed with water, but is ready to use. For best results, we recommend to apply LeafCoat with a vaporizer / spray bottle. Spray the leaves and flowers completely and repeat this procedure twice a week. The plant strengthening agent can be used during the growth phase as well as the flowering phase, and is suitable for growing on the following media: soil, coco, or rook wool. LeafCoat can be used until up to two weeks prior to the end of the blooming period.

Note: LeafCoat will not be absorbed by the leaves and therefore does not influence the taste of the fruits.

Protective layer that is formed by LeafCoat
When the plants are in an atmosphere that is too humid (above 28 degrees Celsius), they might lose a big amount of moisture through their leaves. By using LeafCoat, a natural rubber forms around the leaves, which prevents the plant from excessive "sweating". At the same time LeafCoat can also be used at low temperatures (especially during winter) to form the protective layer against the cold. The natural rubber helps sustaining the temperature.
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